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Central FL Lawyers Design Estate Plans from Your Perspective

Asset protection and succession strategies focused on your specific needs

Since 1924, Swann Hadley Stump Dietrich & Spears, P.A. has been helping clients secure their wealth for a comfortable retirement and a meaningful legacy to their heirs. Our skilled estate planning attorneys are committed to helping you identify your goals, assess your options and choose the appropriate strategy. Our extensive knowledge of estate law enables us to design a comprehensive plan with effective safeguards, so your chosen representatives can implement your wishes without impediment or delay. This preserves the value of your estate for your heirs to enjoy fully.

Asset protection plans preserve your wealth for retirement and bequests

Asset protection refers to numerous strategies you can employ to prevent losses due to liability and taxation. Liability can come at any time; in the wake of an accident or a business setback, you are suddenly obligated for huge sums to a claimant or creditor. If you haven’t put asset protection safeguards in place, a claimant may be able to attach your personal wealth. Your home, your savings and your retirement could be in jeopardy.

Taxation can also eat away at your wealth. Our attorneys can show you how to structure your assets to reduce your exposure to income tax and estate taxes.

Finally, the demands of old age can exhaust your assets. The very wealthy and the very poor can meet their needs by paying for a nursing home or relying on Medicaid. But middle class seniors face a real dilemma. Without proper planning, you have to “spend down,” liquidating assets you had hoped to pass on to your children, before you can qualify for Medicaid assistance. Our attorneys can advise you on appropriate steps to take so you can be eligible for Medicaid without becoming insolvent.

Planning for succession with a will and trusts

Every adult, regardless of means, should have a last will and testament. Your will states your wishes regarding your property. Without a will, your wealth passes to your heirs according to the state’s laws of inheritance. Our attorneys can help you draft a clear, concise will that can pass court scrutiny.

However, a will is not always the best way to transfer wealth. A trust is often a better means of providing a legacy, especially if you want to:

  • Avoid estate taxes
  • Place conditions on a bequest
  • Let your children share equally in a gift, such as a vacation home
  • Provide for an heir with special needs
  • Provide for an heir who is irresponsible with money
  • Preserve a legacy for children from a first marriage
  • Establish a fund for a favorite charity or cause

The very wealthy have always used trusts to enhance their giving. Our estate planning attorneys can show you how people of all income levels can benefit greatly from establishing a trust.

Seeing your loved one’s estate through probate

If you have been named as the executor of a loved one’s estate or need to administer the estate of a loved one who died intestate, our attorneys can help. We draw on decades of experience to deliver cost-effective probate services. We take meticulous care to guide the estate through probate in a timely manner, saving you worry and expense.

Contact our estate planning and probate attorneys in Winter Park, FL

Swann Hadley Stump Dietrich & Spears, P.A. provides comprehensive estate plans focused on your specific needs. We also help clients settle their loved one’s estates, with or without a will. To schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer, call 407-647-2777 or contact our Winter Park office online.


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